What is MyStore Xpress?

MyStore Xpress is what you need to create your virtual store in 15 minutes. You don’t need to have any knowledge on programming or web designing, it is very easy to use. The only thing you need is a desire to sell more!

With MyStore Xpress you can have your virtual store just like the large corporations do, but without spending the large sums of money they spend. You can manage your virtual store from your house, office or anywhere with an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling or if you don’t have access to your computer, anywhere you can find a computer and an Internet connection you can check on your sales report, update prices and modify products.

Your virtual store will be working for you, whether you are out of your house, y our office… even while you sleep! Because with MyStore Xpress, your store will work 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Includes hosting for your virtual store, domain name, email account, access to MyStore Xpress System and your listing in the shopping mall Mystore Plaza.

I already have a domain name, can I use it?

Yes you can!

If you already have a domain name (.com, .com.mx, .mx, .net, etc.) you can use it for your virtual store MyStore Xpress. Once you have purchased your plan, please send us an email to info@mystorexpress.com and we will send you the instructions.

What kind of products can I sell with MyStore Xpress?

Any product that can be sent by a delivery service company, for example: books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, flowers, gifts, accessories, purses, makeup, watches, perfumes, electronic devices,computer accessories, etc.

Can I accept credit card payments?

¡Yes! With MyStore Xpress you can accept:

Bank Deposit or Electronic Transfer
You provide the MyStore Xpress system with the account(s) in which you want your clients to make the deposit or electronic transfers. Once they pay you, you can ship the products.

Accept credit card payments through PayPal
PayPal is the international online payments system, the most reliable and secure in the world..

Tarjeta de Crédito con PayPal

Do I need to have programming skills to use MyStore Xpress?

No. MyStore Xpress is very easy and intuitive to use. If you can browse a website or send an email then MyStore Xpress is made for you. MyStore Xpress is that simple.

Besides MyStore Xpress, do I need something else to have my virtual store?

You just need an Internet connection and the pictures of your productos.

MyStore Xpress works in any computer?

Yes. It works on any modern browser.

How can I increase my products catalogue to more than the 250 already included on MyStore Xpress?

When you purchase MyStore Xpress, in the Store Manager you will find the option to get additional services, like increasing the number of products in your catalogue or getting more email accounts. You can check the prices for these services in your Store Manager.

Can I have my virtual store with any domain name that I want?

Yes, as long as the domain name that you want is available. When you setup your virtual store you will be asked for the domain name you prefer to be used for your virtual store.

Important: Do NOT purchase the domain name separetely, MyStore Xpress provides you with this service for free!

If you have already have purchased a domain name, you can use it with your virtual store.

How do I get more exposure for my virtual store? What is MyStore Plaza?

MyStore Plaza is the shopping center (virtual mall) that we have created so that your virtual store has more exposure on the Internet.

Here is an example of getting more exposure for your store:
Imagine that you have a physical store, but the location of it is on a hidden street in the middle of the city. Now imagine the same store but located inside a big shopping mall. The store is the same, but its location is not. The difference is very simple: your sales will always be higher if you’re located inside a shopping mall.

On Internet it happens the same way. It is useless to have a virtual store if nobody knows about it! That is why we have created MyStore Plaza, the virtual mall that will help you sell more, and at no extra cost to you because you are a MyStore Xpress user.

Important: Only the virtual stores made with MyStore Xpress will be included automatically and for free into the virtual mall MyStore Plaza. If your virtual store was created by other means and you would like it to be included in the MyStore Plaza, please ask for a quote through our contact form.

What our clients say about us

"I'm very happy with my virtual store!! Congratulations to the creators.. ;)"

"The performance of the store is amazing :)"


"Once you get to know the system is really easy. I'm very happy with your service"

"Excellent service"

"Everything excellent so far"

"You have earned a client. I have 2 stores now and have recommended MyStore Xpress to others”